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'LoveTramore' is the name of a brand that

- designs

- produces and 

- sells design products

'LoveTramore' design products are made from
Tramore-related illustrations, printed on paper or fabrics. These aim to promote and brand Tramore as a holiday destination with a
unique attitude towards outdoor lifestyle, reducing quantity for quality living.

'LoveTramore' design products are high-end versions of commonly called souvenirs. They are useful, clever in their idea, sustainable, custom designed and handmade.

They appeal to a conscious generation of leisure travellers, outdoor and sports lovers and seekers of tast and quality of life. A mobile society..


'LoveTramore' design products have a new attitude and a unique quality standard with a trending visual approach. Reduction to simplicity. Reduction in production to zero waste. Reduction to the essential things that matter in life.




I am a designer, based in Tramore, Ireland since 2014.

I have been designing personal and corporate design for over 25 years, from idea and concept, to logo, screen, print, keyvisuals and text. I have been working for international agency networks in Munich, Germany designing for BMW, Microsoft, Siemens and various banks and financial institutions.


I set up my own agency in 2000 and a few years later I founded a co-working space in Munich to suit my work-life balance with children.

I gradually built up my own clientele, helping SMEs of all sorts to make an appearance and grow over time. Since I have moved to Ireland, the demand of my illustrated imagery for corporate branding grew organicly and finally I turned my designservice into products.

With 'LoveTramore', I am now approaching a new chapter... 'location branding' and product marketing through illustration. I am hoping to contribute to the image of my adopted hometown Tramore, embrace collaboration and enjoying the more tactile side in design, crafting and product developement.

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